Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews for your company by ProSafe Inc. ProSafe Inc. can provide industrial safety system design and compliance evaluations on machinery and processes to satisfy the requirements of the MOL OHSA
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Design and Development

ProSafe's method involves meeting with all stakeholders during the design stage. This may include the owner/purchaser, system manufac-turer and designers, operators and system maintenance personnel.

The goal is to discuss all aspects of the system and required safety methods to reveal the necessary design parameters as set out by each group or applicable design standards.

The result may include changes to the original safeguarding proposal or re-affirm the design through to construction, thus providing a compliant system with little or no modifications required when deployed for production.

Integration and Installation

Once a safeguarding design is established, it is important to see the design through to completion. Seamless communication results in few design changes and ensures all stakeholders have a clear understanding of what is required to comply with the legislated standards.

ProSafe provides integration and installation assistance at various intervals during construction and on demand to suit each situation. The process may involve site inspections at the builder's site or final installation location. ProSafe provides world wide site inspections to meet either demand.