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Our Compliance Evaluation Process

Pre-Start Health And Safety Review or Declaration for Exemption | Ministry of Labour Regulation 851 Assessment | Hazard Classification | Risk Estimation | Device Assessment & Recommendations

Pre-Start Health And Safety Review or Declaration for Exemption

When the evaluation is complete and a list of recommendations is produced there still remains the question of whether a Pre-Start Health and Safety review is required. The initial step in answering this question is to review the table provided in Section.

Evaluations Flow Chart

ProSafe prides itself in its team member's ability to provide professional thorough evaluations and solutions meeting the standards required for compliance in Ontario.

Ministry of Labour Regulation 851 Assessment

The evaluation involves an assessment of compliance with the Ministry of Labour Regulation 851. This assessment is a requirement for all industrial equipment or processes but not necessarily for a Section 7 Pre-Start Health and Safety Review. The Ministry of Labour Regulation 851 assessment is involved in order to assure that all safety aspects are thoroughly investigated.

Hazard Classification

Every identifiable hazard should be classified according to the criteria outlined in Occupational Health and Safety standard Z432-04 established by the Canadian Standards Association for the Safeguarding of Machinery. The classification of hazards is subject to the governing regulations of the region where the equipment is operating. In the event that there are additional applicable standards for the industrial equipment or process, they should be included in the evaluation.

Risk Estimation

The risk assessment for each hazard identified involves estimating the capability of the device or process to cause injury or property damage. By combining the severity, frequency and probability of each hazard a degree of risk can be determined for selecting the appropriate level of guarding.

Device Assessment & Recommendations

When all of the hazards have been identified and their corresponding risks for injury or property damage are determined then the next step is to implement the appropriate safeguarding. The hazards could be dealt with using individual safeguards or using a single broad safeguard. Which is the appropriate method? There isn't a standardized solution for the safeguarding of every system and for this reason the safeguards are designed based upon each individual situation.

An overall assessment of the system is conducted in order to examine the safeguarding options and select a method that will provide effective protection without being a detriment to machine operation or installation cost. The recommendations produced by the overall assessment provide a designer with the opportunity to specify the safeguards that are appropriate for your operating environment.